Post-Establishment World

Those who think all the fake-news/ hit-pieces/ hysteria against Trump will erode his base are either stupid or delusional.  Trumpers identify with him partly/ largely because we don’t identify with establishment and we see media as an arm of the establishment.  The only way the media could influence our views would be if they presented fair debates/ discussion with multiple voices with multiple perspectives.

Dear Media, we don’t trust you.  We don’t trust your info-gathering.  We don’t trust your presentation of your highly selective “facts.”  And we don’t trust your spin/ interpretation/ summation.  All you can do now to redeem yourselves is to host original voices dialoging with each other.  I.e. shut up and let original voices speak.  Media, you forgot your purpose is to present other voices from all perspectives.  When you voice your own views/ agenda (or your moneyed-bosses), you cease to have professional integrity.

Do I believe there is any hope for a restoration of investigative journalism?  I don’t know.  Probably not in the established networks.  Front-line, honest news-gathering will probably be found only amongst the raw reporters on twitter.  Regular people who have nothing to gain reporting to regular people is where we’ll find real news.


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